Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Zombie Trek

Not much to say about these two. I was just having fun.
What can I say I like zombies way too much. I have a love/hate relationship with zombies and mainstream culture. On the one hand I happy they are getting much deserved recognition for being one of the best movie monsters out there. But on the other hand I am afraid of over exposure and saturation. I don't want zombies to become passe. Zombies will always have a place in my heart..er BRAAAAIIIN.


Shalimar said...

As a fellow Zombie enthusiast, I just wanted to say that I love these! Very beautifully done, and congrads on your DBH win.


Mary said...

AMAZING. I used your Spock picture as a facebook picture. I put your website and made sure to credit you and tell people to visit your site. If you are not okay with this please let me know and will remove your picture from my facebook.

Just wanted to say as a fan of Star Trek and Zombies awesome artwork!!!

Dave said...

pretty cool.. I am not a zombie enthusiast and only trek entusiast cuz I like funny trek.
Nice pics :o)

vvb32 reads said...

super zombie cool!

Wordsarerifles said...


I would like to put these up as a post on my blog (www.AwesomeApocalypse.com)
With link and credit, of course.

Neph Thian said...

Hello! I'm spending my free time searching the web sites/dA pages/Tumblr to wich these arts come from.

This FB page do NOT credits the artist of the works it repost. I'd like them to stopo staling art crediting only their website as the only source, like they do every piece of art.
Than you

Neph Thian said...

Hello, I a surfing searching for artist whose art is on the FB page "orgoglio Nerd" Because I and other people have unsuccessfully tried to make them understand that source the author of a fanart is important.
You art is in their photo album sourced with THEIR website, as it was the only source of the material.
this is the page with your art